What is this site and the forum about?

Minueteart is dedicated to speeddrawing and speedpainting. Scribbles or quick paintings are allowed as well as vector art (done with Flash or with Illustrator for example). It doesn't matter if you paint digitally or with classic media such as pencil, watercolor, colored pencils, coal, ballpen, etc.

There are three categories at the MinuteArt Board:

Practice Circuit
This is for speeddrawings without a theme. If you draw or paint on your own, post it here.

MinuteArt Race
If you want to post here, use a theme you find here. You can use old themes, like the ones of the already posted images, or use the weekly/monthly themes which can be found on the front page.

Minute Art Championship
If you have worked over a drawing posted in "Speeddrawings", this is the place to post it. Only finished paintings are allowed here, no speed art. If you post here, do your best and polish your image until it's a masterpiece!


Q: There are many art boards. Why this one?
A: Our idea behind MinuteArt is that we want to meet people who like to draw and to have fun with them. This board is not only about drawing, we want to meet personally.

Q: Is this a kind of competition?
A: No. We just want to have fun. So, don't worry, nobody will be a winner or a loser around here!

Q: Can I join your community?
A: Of course! Don't be shy! This is a chance to meet people who like art, just like you.

Q: Can I meet the other members?
A: Of course! It's fun to draw with other people! Here is a list where you can meet members of MinuteArt. Gather some friends together and meet in your hometown! The Meet&Greet part of our forum is meant to fix appointments. Please use it!

Q: What about this "themes"?
A: A Theme is the guideline to draw or paint to. For Example, if the theme is "Surfer", you can draw everything you can connect with this word (Surfer at the beach, Internet surfer, silver surfer...), but you can't draw something else.

Q: Who picks the themes?
A: We meet every week to draw and drink. The themes you see at the "Race" Forum are some examples of the themes we had before.

Q: I'm bad with the pencil. You'll laugh at me.
A: If you have good and funny ideas, nobody will laugh at you. It's not important to show your skills, it's important to show ideas!

Q: I don't understand german. Can't you write in english?
A: As you might have noticed, we try to keep everything in english, but sometimes we are to lazy ;) Feel free to ask if you want a translation.